Portable UV Disinfection Light UVC Sterilizer


Portable UV Disinfection Light UVC Sterilizer

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  • YES! Our UVC disinfection light kills viruses, bacteria, and germs!
  • YES! It is portable! You bring your UV Sterilizer Wand with you and use it wherever you go.
  • YES! Our UVC sterilizer emits UVC light with a wavelength 253.7nm
  • YES! It is simple to use. Simply shine the UV light over any surface for around 10-60 seconds to eradicate 99.9% of pathogens.

    UVC Light Has Been Shown To Be Effective Against Denaturing and Killing 99.9% of Germs/Bacteria/Viruses


    Effective. Versatile. Compact.

    How Does Our UV Light Wand Work?

    By shining UVC Sterilizer (ultraviolet) light onto a surface, microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are killed by denaturing nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, rendering them ultimately lifeless and unable to function.

    Quick and Easy To Use
  • Hold the Power Button for 3 seconds to turn on
  • Hover the UV Sterilizer at a distance of 1-2 inches above the surface you are going to disinfect
  • Slowly scan the UVC Wand over the object or food you are disinfecting 
  • After about 60 seconds, your object is sterilized and safe!


No harmful chemicals, just a simple UVC sterilizer light formula that eradicates germs, bacteria, and viruses, without the toxic chemicals present in spray disinfectants.


Our UVC Sterilizer Wand is perfect for using on any surface or item, from your child's stuffed animals, to your phone, to everyday items, to your most prized possessions.


Being smaller than a phone when folded, you can comfortably bring our UV Sanitizing Wand with you on the go. Fits right in your purse or pocket!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of viruses can be killed by our UVC Sterilizer?

UVC Sterilizer Light can destroy any kind of viruses. Many scientific studies for 100+ years have proven that it can kill viruses such as the Flu, SARS, and many other dangerous types of bacteria. 

Our UVC Sterilizer is an efficient combatant against the current virus situation. Sanitary service companies all over the world are currently using UVC Light to disinfect medical equipment, public transportation surfaces, hospital floors and beds, and even money! Many businesses are also looking to UV Light as a way to disinfect their buildings.

You can use our UV Sterilizer Light to disinfect any of your home belongings, such as:

  • Mobile phones or tablets
  • Fruits and Vegetables and Takeout Food!
  • Toothbrushes and personal hygiene
  • Door handles, toilet covers
  • Kitchen utensils 
  • And many more contaminated surfaces!