ROCKUBOT Mini - UVC Sterilizing Anytime, Anywhere


ROCKUBOT MINI, a mini-size for easy-to-carry and powerful UVC Sterilizer, has two powerful UV-C bulbs to disinfect area 2 meters around for your bedroom, cabinet, cupboard and bathroom.


Due to the advanced UV light disinfection technology, ROCKUBOT Mini can disinfect  thoroughly in nothing flat by damaging the DNA of germ's cells, preventing them from replicating.

Don't worry about the harm of the UVC light for human. The sensor automatically turns off the UVC light when human or animal is within the 2 meters detected zone.

PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared) sensor is also called human infrared sensor with working principle as follows:

The piezoelectric ceramic dielectric of PIR sensor can maintain the polarization state after polarization, which is called spontaneous polarization. The spontaneous polarization decreases with increasing temperature, and the temperature drops to zero at the Curie point. Therefore, when this material is exposed to infrared radiation and the temperature rises, the surface charge will decrease, which is equivalent to releasing a part of the charge, so it is called pyroelectric. The discharged charge can be converted into voltage output by the amplifier. This is how the PIR sensor works.

ROCKUBOT Mini gives you instant sterility in seconds with powerful UV-C light and cleans all the bacteria & germs in your room!

Say goodbye to huge spacious UVC light as its pocket size feature makes it anywhere.

USB-C Port Fast Charging

3 Modes - 5mins, 10mins, 20mins 

ROCKUBOT MINI is also designed with two modes, automatic mode and handheld mode. Under handheld mode, you can also just hold it to disinfect the knobs, toilet seats or those fancy utensils, anything anywhere.( Handheld mode, only one bulb will turn on to avoid direct exposure of user to UV-light).


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